Corrugated cardboard and corrugated packaging from the manufacturer

GALANTORG Company produces and sells multilayered corrugated packaging, cases, and boxes. We offer a universal in-use, firm and environmentally safe cardboard. Fabricated in-house corrugated packaging suits for products made of glass, furniture, household appliances, food products, and many others. Durable corrugated boxes are able to protect products from accidental damages, road dust, mud and humidity; they will help to conveniently store products and present it to a buyer in an advantageous way.

We always have corrugated cardboard:

  1. Micro-corrugated cardboard of ТЕ-11 mark (white/brown)
  2. Three-layer corrugated cardboard of Т-21, Т-22, Т-23, Т-24 marks, BC cut (white/brown)
  3. Five-layer corrugated cardboard of П-31, П-32, П-33, П-34, П-35 marks, BC and BE cut (white/brown)
  4. Seven-layer corrugated cardboard of С-42, С-43 marks, АВС cut (white/brown)
  1. Four-valve corrugated boxes of any size
  2. Corrugated packaging from three-layer, five-layer, or seven-layer corrugated cardboard
  3. Corrugated packaging of complex cutting
  4. Large-size containers, including reinforced ones
  5. Pizza packaging or archive boxes
  6. Related products (corners, liners, partitions)
  7. Corrugated boxes of micro-corrugated cardboard
  8. We apply one- and two-colour print on corrugated packaging
  9. We design and produce a punch shear die and master plates

Sale of corrugated cardboard boxes

Our company works with a wide range of corrugated cardboard. Using our manufacturing capabilities, we successfully deal with sale of corrugated packaging of different degrees of firmness and density without intermediaries. Having got in contact with our managers, you will be able to order a wide range of products you need.

Our advantages:

  • work without any intermediary;
  • significant working experience;
  • modern manufacturing equipment;
  • availability of a wide range of ready-made products at stock;
  • keeping to the terms of delivery;
  • flexible pricing policy for wholesale buyers.

In our company you may buy both standard products and corrugated packaging manufactured for your needs on individual dimensions, colour printing on the boxes among other things, delivery included.