Sale of corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard which we offer is a packaging material consisting of several layers that provide its required firmness. Sheet corrugated cardboard includes flat (“liners”) and corrugated layers which are glued between each other in the process of production. Brown corrugated cardboard is most widely used for packaging. Though you can also buy white corrugated cardboard at factory prices.

Sale of sheet packing corrugated cardboard

Our company sells packing corrugated cardboard in sheets of various dimensions and shapes at the price which is favourable for Ukrainian consumers. Corrugated cardboard is whole sold (the price is indicated on the web-site) – you may always purchase a batch of required number of sheets.

Kinds of corrugated cardboard

For convenience, corrugated cardboard and packaging manufacturers use the unified marking of materials:

  • Two-layer (Д) with brown cover layer. Cardboard is used for lining and wrapping purposes.
  • Three-layer (Т) with brown and white cover layer (marks Т21, Т22, Т24, Т25, Т26). It is used for production of the box, liners; it is also used as lining material.
  • Five-layer (П) with brown and white cover layer (marks П31, П32, П33). It is used for production of heavy-duty boxes.
  • Seven-layer (С) with brown and white cover layer.

Basic characteristics of corrugated cardboard

Each mark of corrugated cardboard has its indicators on a number of parameters: 

  • Moisture resistance. It characterizes the relation of the strength factor of the corrugated cardboard in wet condition to a similar one in dry condition.
  • Flat crush resistance. It determines the ability of the cardboard to buffer; it depends on the elasticity of its corrugated layer.
  • Edgewise compression strength. It characterizes the behavior of the corrugated cardboard in the course of stacking-up.
  • Burst strength. It determines the level of the maximum pressure required for damage of the material integrity.
  • Elongation in tension. This is the correlation of the initial length of the sample and its length after elongation at the breaking point which is represented in percent.
  • Density — it shows the weight of 1 sq. m. of corrugated cardboard.