Sale of corrugated packaging

Corrugated packaging, corrugated boxes – wholesale and retail trade

The most popular kind of packing made of corrugated cardboard is corrugated packaging or corrugated boxes. Corrugated boxes are produced with the help of corrugated cardboard of different kinds and marks. Packing made of corrugated cardboard is of the same mark, kind and type of corrugated cardboard as the cardboard it has been produced of. So, for example, three-layer boxes made of corrugated cardboard of T type mark 24 (class 2), cutting “B” are manufactured of three-layer corrugated cardboard of T24 mark of cutting “B”.

Types of corrugated boxes

In our company you can find corrugated boxes of different dimensions and configuration. The most popular are four-valve boxes made of corrugated cardboard. Such corrugated packaging is used both in the manufacturing and household sector.

Our product range includes “Boxes for moving”, boxes made of corrugated cardboard for packing of things, corrugated boxes for footwear and many other kinds of packaging made of corrugated cardboard used for moving. You may also select cheap corrugated boxes for archive of documents and papers. Their configuration and dimensions have been specifically developed for convenience of packing and storage of papers. There is a special offer for fast food restaurants, i.e. “Boxes for pizza”; our company offers the largest selection of packages for pizza.

High quality material

Corrugated boxes are made of corrugated cardboard of top marks with the white or brown cover layer which provides the required firmness in such a sector of application in which corrugated packages are used. If it is required to use more durable corrugated boxes (for example, for packing of TV-sets), so-called heavy-duty boxes made of corrugated cardboard are used, and more precisely, five-layer boxes made of durable five-layer corrugated cardboard. This corrugated cardboard provides double increasing of the load on the corrugated box in comparison with the three-layer one.

All above-mentioned boxes can be of the four-valve type, and of the complicated configuration which enables receiving the package for various products. The most preferable configuration for corrugated packaging is a self-assembling package because its further application does not require the use of glue, clamps or other binders.